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Content Marketing VS Digital Marketing - Canadian Content Creator Inc.

Advancements in technology have driven the evolution of modern marketing. You have probably interacted with common modern marketing terminologies such as “content marketing” and “digital marketing”. While some marketers use the terms interchangeably, they are different as much as they share some similarities. A deep dive into understanding the difference between the two modern marketing strategies will clarify which and when a certain strategy you should be using.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses multiple tactics and tools businesses can use to build recognition and brand awareness online. Digital marketing is a type of advertising that uses online channels such as email marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing. Digital marketing covers various strategies, possibilities, and tactics using digital devices and platforms.

Digital marketing is designed to increase the visibility of your business. Some of the benefits of digital marketing are targeted marketing which has a good ROI and saves marketing costs. Digital marketing allows the measurement of key metrics to evaluate the results of the marketing campaigns. With the data, marketers can make more informed decisions or improve their marketing strategies. Digital marketing helps build brand credibility, which helps the business earn more loyal customers.

Content Marketing

While content marketing is under the umbrella of digital marketing. Content marketing uses informational content to reach target audiences. The content should be strategic, and businesses must stick to their brand voice and use keywords to reach a particular audience.

Content marketing involves content strategy, content development and content distribution. Content should answer to the intended audience’s challenges, needs, and desires to impact the business marketing campaigns. There are different types of content marketing, and your choice should resonate with your target group. For instance, you have to think about your business, brand identity, the type of content that best suits it, and the content your audience will interact the most with.

Why Does Content Marketing Stands Out?

First of all, content marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy. In this digital world through content marketing a brand’s voice can reach thousands without paying a huge amount of cost for it. Content marketing empowers a brand by creating brand awareness. It is one of the best ways to increase organic search traffic and business enjoys a long-term benefit out of it. It doesn’t work like other marketing strategies that stop you giving results once you stop paying. Since content is on your website or social media channels so it remains there, and pays you off for long.

To make the best out of content marketing remember to keep posting fresh content, updated content and keywords integrated content. Posting continuously but within a content marketing strategy will organically bring fruit to your table. Content marketing offers many advantages to marketers. It is an opportunity to build trust and authority and demonstrate expertise. Shareable content helps businesses reach larger audiences while, at the same time, saving costs. Content marketing attracts more traffic, hence bringing better conversion rates.

How To Incorporate Content Marketing & Digital Marketing?

Integrating content marketing strategies into your broader digital marketing strategy will go a long way in boosting engagement, building brand awareness, generating leads, making sales and conversions. Regardless of your digital marketing strategy, many successful businesses prefer to incorporate content marketing to their broader marketing strategies to avail the best ROI.

Note that you need digital marketing tools to distribute your video and blog content. To make the most of your marketing strategy, invest in such an agency or company that knows the art of copywriting and content marketing to be able to run a successful marketing campaign. Regardless of the strategy you use, with an online marketing and copywriting agency such as Canadian Content Creator, you have the freedom to choose from different online marketing approaches. Get a customized plan and avail online marketing services from Canadian Content Creator to drive maximum engagement.

How Canadian Content Creator’s Marketing Strategy Work?

Canadian Content Creator’s online marketing services can help your business thrive online. For our valuable clients as per their requirements we take a 360 approach. For new clients we guide them first for business website health and content optimization. Through website copywriting, our copywriters create website copy that ensure search engine optimized content. Through our website copywriting, we prepare SEO-friendly web copy that focuses on improving the user experience, calls to actions, compelling and persuasive content and the quality of your website.

Once the website is in shape then we move to SEO services. From on-page SEO to off-page SEO and Technical SEO, we ensure the website is in good health, it is offering seamless user experience and through our copywriting services, we make sure all CTAs are placed well to drive the leads. This is how we ensure the site is in good health where traffic will be coming and taking actions. We know traffic is meaningless if no one is taking a desired action or leaving the site without getting the full essence of a business. Through our landing page strategy, we ensure the steering is in our client’s hand to drive the leads. This is how potential leads get engaged either they contact via website or they purchase directly.

Meanwhile, we guide our clients to integrate content marketing to the broader digital marketing strategy to make the best results out of it. Constantly but in a timely manner we plan, develop and distribute content online to fulfill our clients online marketing needs. This makes our clients all set and ready to create brand awareness, attract more traffic and increase sales. This approach has helped many of our clients to convert leads into paying customers and this is how we empower them to grow business and thrive online!

How Canadian Content Creator’s Online Marketing Services Can Help in Your Business Growth?

With your growing business if your hands are already full then let’s create ease for you and work together. At Canadian Content Creator, we will become your voice through real content. We will turn your complex services into compelling content that engages buyers. At Canadian Content Creator, we are committed to create such content that is purposeful, tells a story and resonates with your audiences. We understand every business is different so does their need. We take a flexible approach to develop a custom strategy for your business. Without hesitation, reach out to us at and book free consultation. It will be our pleasure to be your digital marketing and content marketing partner.




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