Benefits of Healthy Relationships by H. A. Tepha

Benefits of Healthy Relationships by H. A. Tepha - Canadian Content Creator Inc.

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In a corporate environment, at home or while parenting, from childhood to adulthood; we all need a healthy mind to grow well. We were designed to be caring, joyful, affectionate and kind souls as a parent, partner, business people and leaders. We need each other in our lives. We depend on each other in so many different ways. You see, in order to accomplish on time project delivery; there is a teamwork behind it which makes the success possible.

The research about neuroscience and human connection shows that a great deal of mind health comes from strong connections and healthy relations. Everything starts with a connection, feeling or emotion. Famous brands win because of the connection they have with their users. Successful leaders win the game because of the emotional connection built with their audiences. The manager who is approachable wins because of the strong connections she has with her subordinates. However, we need each other to stay connected, energetic and productive.

Benefits of Being Mentally Present

Live in the moment. Be present and be aware of your surroundings. Be there for each other in their good or bad. It strengthens a person inside out. In your personal life or at the workplace, the sense of connection guarantees productivity and fulfillment. Strong connections empower us and make us able to offer the best of ourselves to the world.

There is a huge difference between being physically present and mentally present with someone in a situation. To understand someone at your workplace or individual life you need to be mentally present with them. You may have to jump into their situation and see how overwhelming and dark oftentimes it gets. Once you are consciously present in their situation then you will have a better understanding of why someone is behaving in a certain way. Remember to connect without judgment. Through strong human connections we can listen, understand and offer support. This may save a soul. And this will do wonders to build a strong connection and to vent out things while staying calm.

Healthy Communication Effects

I am a strong believer that words are so powerful, either it can make or it can break. Your words represent who you are as a person. So, choose them wisely. Try to have positive and healthy communication with each other. However, it’s ok to set healthy boundaries where you don’t connect the same way.

Be a good listener, it is an integral part of any healthy communication. I must say listening is healing. I have experienced it with myself and with people around me; it has always worked. Lend your ear to your loved ones so they can share and get healed. Listening is a great medicine to heal someone and help them work through it. A healthy communication doesn’t always need a lot of words. Don’t try to be over smart, healthy communication can be sensed easily. It can be sensed through eyes, it can also be seen through body language and it can be felt by getting a simple piece of advice or a road map. Remember, positive words are so encouraging to uplift, energize or save a soul. So, do well and serve well to people around you.


“Don’t say the first things that pops into your head, have a
little bit of (self) edit function, that a good advice for life”

Barack Obama

Research by Harvard:
A Comprehensive Study on Happiness

Here, let me share this study from Harvard, having started in 1938 during the Great Depression. This is one of the most comprehensive studies on happiness ever done in history. Several generations of researchers have been a part of this great work. For 75 years, the study tracked the lives of 724 people to understand how our life long experiences affect our health in later years of life. What keeps us happy and mentally healthy, as we go through life?

If you think its money then according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken. As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness. He mentioned in his TED talk “The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health.” In his TED talk, he further said “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.”

There are three main lessons from this study as per Robert Waldinger. “The first is that social connections are good for us and that loneliness kills.” It could be leadership loneliness; it could be loneliness in a marriage or it could be childhood loneliness. Second big lesson is: “It’s not just the number of friends you have, and it’s not whether or not you are in a committed relationship but it’s the quality of your close relationship that matters.” Waldinger further said, our happily partnered men and women in their 80s, reported that on the days when they had more physical pain, their mood stayed just as happy. But the people who were in unhappy relationships, on the days when they reported more physical pain, it was magnified by more emotional pain. And the third big lesson found by this study about relationships and our health is that “Good relationships don’t just protect our bodies; they protect our brains.” said Waldinger in his TED talk.

This study has proved that healthy relationships keep us happier and healthier. Indeed, relationships are not easy to manage, oftentimes it gets overwhelming. It’s not unmanageable either, it can be managed with communication, listening, patience, boundaries and empathy. To keep up a relationship, you may face many upheavals but such relationships where you can count on in tough times are the ones never to be taken for granted.



Book Reference:
People Fuel by Dr. John Townsend

Our mind’s health needs good nutrients and apart from, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, good night sleep; the relational nutrients undoubtedly come from having great relations around. Relational nutrients as per Dr. John Townsend are all about a nutrient that comes from healthy communication, from a brain-to-brain connection that improves productivity, offers energy, brings positivity and empowers us to thrive as an individual or as a great leader.

Having your people around improves productivity. Contrastingly, having those who judge drains your energy. Your people are those who support you, hold you in your upheavals and who are honest to you for your betterment. Hence, in an organization, an advisory board serves to the betterment of that organization or the board of directors plays a pivotal role to a company’s betterment. Having these good people around makes all the difference in corporate and at individual levels.

Dr. John Townsend’s book “People Fuel” shows you how we need the fuel of “Relational Nutrients” from others and how we can provide it to others. In his book through stories and clear applications, he has mentioned; how good relationships give you energy, focus, and the support you need to succeed in individual or corporate life. People Fuel outlines the twenty-two relational nutrients that we all need to cultivate good relationships. The book “People Fuel” revolves around 4 main “Quadrants” that help you understand how to offer support and improve your relationships at home or at the workplace. Those 4 main “Quadrants” are mentioned above.

Be Present
Listen without judgment. Respond. Get “in their well.” Offer support.

Convey the Good
Encouragement, Positive words. Respect. Forgiveness. Hope.

Provide Reality
Bring order to confusion. Welcome & accept truth. Appeal to change.

Call to Action
Recommend road map & framework. Offer a growth environment. Guide about service & giving back.

I must say Dr. John Townsend’s book “People Fuel” is a good read. I highly recommend reading this book to those interested in neuroscience, relationship, leadership and mind health.


As we understand and practice the hidden wisdom in having healthy relationships around; we can become a better version of ourselves and offer quality relationships to people around us. All of this has brought us to the point where we can understand; living healthy relationships offer mind health and improves productivity. We can experience more energy, positivity, focus, and the exponential growth to become the confident people God has created us to be, on both individual and corporate levels.




Written by ~ H. A. Tepha

H. A. Tepha is a Marketing Copywriter l Philanthropist l Founder
Canadian Content Creator Inc.

Not too profound but it really works for me. And I believe since it works for me, if I share it may help others too. Let’s work together to create wellness & well-being awareness around the globe, so we can become the better version of ourselves. Thank you for reading!



This work comes under the wellness & well-being project called “Cradle to Grave”. Here you are welcome to check out more wellness & well-being blogs. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Sending positive vibes your way!

Disclaimer: This publication is not intended to cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. Seek professional or specialist advice if you are facing any mental health or physical health issues. This publication is provided for general information purposes only.

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