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You are already an executive if you know the art of selective ignorance. Selective ignorance is a smart attitude that shows you are very well aware of the outcomes and that indulging in negativity will get you nowhere. In human attitude, selective ignorance comes when your mind accepts that you have nothing to do with this specific topic or thing. So, you start ignoring it consciously. However, selective ignorance means only because of any specific situation’s complexity and for the sake of your own serenity you prefer to ignore. Intentionally you prefer not to drain your energy on negativity and keep your focus on a positive aspect of things.

Negativity around us: why should our mind pay the cost?

The more I observed, the clearer was the answer, that your serenity should be very dear to you. Do not let outside chaos effect your inner peace. Selective ignorance towards negativity is the key. Many executives do that, they purposefully ignore what they know gives negative vibes to them. They like to focus and clearly avoid distracted situations that leave a profound negative effect on the mind. Selective ignorance always works well; it shields you from draining energy, consequently your mind remains productive.


The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.

~ John Milton


Creative Mind needs Selective Ignorance

A creative individual requires such an environment, which is healthy for the mind to take out the creativity that comes from curiosity and productivity. For your serenity and well-being, decide and train your mind to live in a beautiful, positive, healthy and happy state of mind.

Consciously setting healthy boundaries against negativity always helps. For instance, Taylor Swift, a well-known American songwriter and singer who has won Grammy Awards throughout her career, in an interview when she was asked do you read comments about you? She replied, “by reading those comments, I have realized never google yourself again.” This means you can avoid what the troll says with selective ignorance. Even successful people do that because they know how important it is to shield yourself from negativity. Creative minds do not like to be distracted by the negative noise confusing their identity, purpose of life and values; they prefer to go for selective ignorance smartly.


Religiously feed your mind with positive affirmations; this is the key that works.

~ H. A. Tepha


How to Shield Your Mind from Negativity

Selective ignorance is an art, and it’s about being fully aware of your mission and avoiding negativity. The human mind is the most complex machine on earth. Don’t let your mind control you rather, learn to control your mind by giving it healthy, positive tasks to focus on each day. After much research on mind sciences, psychologists have proved that the quality of the environment in which we live each day leaves a profound effect on our mind health.

The quality of our surroundings correlates to the quality of our state of mind. For instance, if unnecessary talk about people bothers you, irrelevant information seems a waste of time to you and negative or sad news affect you badly and ruins your inner peace; then stop paying attention to what bothers you and tactfully learn to ignore them while staying informed through careful research on the topics that matters for you. This is how you create an environment that shields you from negativity for the sake of your own serenity.


Your mind is a garden
Your thoughts are the seeds
You can grow flowers
You can grow weeds

~ Author Unknown

Selective Ignorance vs. Selfishness

Do not make a mistake here and be very clear about selective ignorance; it should not be to avoid a helping situation by being selfish. Do not forget to pay attention to what matters the most in the hustle and bustle of life. Keep a smart balance and never forget to serve humanity. To help others on a genuine matter and when needed to be a listener, do your duty as a good human in altruistic way. All acts, good or evil, have inevitable consequences.


In altruistic ways, do good for others Splendidly walk your path and keep humanity alive

~ H. A. Tepha



Written by ~ H. A. Tepha

H. A. Tepha is a Copywriter, Philanthropist & Founder at Canadian Content Creator Inc.
Not too profound but it really works for me. And I believe since it works for me, if I share it may help others too. Let’s work together to create positive well-being awareness around the globe.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Sending positive vibes your way! This work comes under the positive well-being project called “Cradle to Grave”. Here you are welcome to check out more positive well-being blogs. Thank you for reading!



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