COVID-19 & A Deity by H. A. Tepha

COVID-19 & A Deity by H. A. Tepha - Canadian Content Creator Inc.

In 2020, first time ever in our lifetime we saw empty streets, people were scared to meet each other, governments were forcing people not to leave the house unnecessarily. Everyone started living an isolated life. Then I wrote this work in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic stated disturbing people’s life globally.



World has paused, so think
Power of over work has been controlled
Luxurious car, Million-dollar house
Nothing is keeping you safe, so think



Powerful mind out there
Arrogant People
All the attitude, all the power
Everything has been snatched



This Pandemic,
Empty streets, enforced isolation
No race, no color
We are together in it, as one



We got scared,
We got amazed
It’s not, just a simple virus
So, think



There must be a deity
Don’t doubt his power
He for sure is omnipotent
So, think



People now, stop being arrogant
Haven’t you seen your power
So, stop
Take a pause now & think


~H. A. Tepha



Written by ~ H. A. Tepha

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