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Manage Cluttered Mind & Achieve Goals by H. A. Tepha - Canadian Content Creator Inc.

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Sometimes keeping up with your daily tasks and deadlines can get overwhelming. What’s even more challenging is keeping work and family life balance and maintaining good physical and mental health. In today’s world, there are plenty of distractions, we are multitasking and there is always something pulling the attention. We all know that our brain is less functional when it is fatigued. Human mind is built to thrive more when it is in a relaxed state of mind. As tasks list piles up and starts getting overwhelmed; brain vomiting on paper can help greatly. Writing down all the processed and unprocessed thoughts and then prioritizing the list of what’s important and what’s not can offer a clear road map.

Clear Road Map Improves Productivity

As you prepare a task list or a road map, it will allow you to work more efficiently. Log off and set aside time to write your thoughts, make clear goals and plans to improve productivity, you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment. By managing processed and unprocessed thoughts, you can significantly improve your productivity as well as your mind health. Creating task lists periodically, will formulate a clear navigational map to make you able to reach your destination on time. Important thoughts are worth writing down, even though all creative, processed or unprocessed thoughts are already wandering in your mind. After plenty of research Neuroscience has proved that mind wandering drains brain energy. However, writing down goals keeps us right on track; by managing time and energy we focus on the road map which, consequently, leads to achieving our goals.

Written Goals Keep Our Mind Focused

Vividly written affirmations, goals and missions attract our attention and unconsciously keeps us focused by keeping our mind right on track. That’s why in a corporate environment the brands prefer to write the company’s slogan, mission statement and philosophy so vividly that it becomes their culture and they live by that. So, the philosophy behind is just so simple; a goal written in front where we spend most of our time is as important as an encouraging statement. As our eye catches those words it engraves in our mind and keeps us on track to achieving our goals effectively. This is a simple yet very helpful technique to keep the mind machine focused and right on track.

Writing Down Helps Decluttering The Thoughts

Undoubtedly, a good night’s sleep, meditation, healthy diet, writing journal, practicing being decisive and prioritizing tasks; help greatly to declutter wandering thoughts. Through vividly writing down all the wandering thoughts, new ideas and pile up tasks; help organize the clutter in your mind. In order to declutter your mind, thoroughly writing down and removing unnecessary items can be helpful to improve productivity. It helps to manage overwhelming feelings, undecided and confused state of mind. Moreover, this technique helps prioritize the tasks and keeps the mind right on track so by focusing on what’s important the desired results can be achieved.

Written Ideas Enhances Decision Making

According to research on how neurons affect the human mind, neurons activate as they observe something happening, it transfers the feeling onto you. As you write all your ideas, the eye catches the whole picture and the mind gets it and stores it. Exactly, this is how organized thoughts help the mind get the clear image of what is important and what’s not so you can come up with a final decision. However, with a clear and relaxed mind you can weigh your options, make end results clear then eventually decide the option you would like to go with. Undoubtedly, a healthy, calm and clear mind is a perfect state of mind to take a decision with.

Do Written Goals Really Make A Difference?

A study by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews:

Floor plan always gives a better understanding of what you will be achieving. People who really picture their goals are already halfway there. Where you want to reach, create the road map today and with each small step you will get closer and closer to achieving your goals. A study conducted by psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews demonstrated that those who wrote their goals and kept a good track of their progress; accomplished significantly more than those who did not write their goals or those who just stated the goals. This study clearly shows that writing down the goals increases the chance of achieving them more effectively. However, this study was not done at Harvard university but at Dominican University of California.



Written by ~ H. A. Tepha

H. A. Tepha is a Copywriter, Philanthropist & Founder at Canadian Content Creator Inc.
Not too profound but it really works for me. And I believe since it works for me, if I share it may help others too. Let’s work together to create wellness & well-being awareness around the globe.

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